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Seonbawi Village (선바위마을)(체험)
· Area : Yeongyang · date of final modification : 2015-12-23
선바위.jpg 선바위.jpg
이미지 섬네일 이전 이미지 섬네일 다음
컨텐츠 내용입니다.
Address 396-6, Bangjeon-ri, Ibam-myeon, Yeongyang-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Inquaries 054-684-1236
Business hours 09:00~18:00
Apple picking experience, etc
Time Open year-round

Seonbawi Village is an information network village and all villagers in Ipam-myeon are connected via the Internet. There is a homepage connected to all residents, organizations and others away from their home town. This homepage conveys warm affection of the hometown to those who have left the village, while uniting and connecting current residents. We hope that this homepage will convey hometown news not only for local residents, but also for those who are away from their hometown.

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