Bada Soop Hyang-gi Ma-eul (바다숲향기마을)(펜션)
· Area : Yeongdeok · date of final modification : 2017-06-05
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Address 254-20 Haemaji-gil, Yeongdeok_eup, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Inquaries 054-730-7023
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Bada Soop Hyanggi Ma-eul is a wooden cabin complex located in Yeongdeok, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It's not only a great place to sleep but also to bond with your family and friends.
Staying at Bada Soop Hyanggi Ma-eul will give you a chance to relax and be closer to nature. The cool breeze soothes your skin and will give a feeling of relief.

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