Three-story Stone Tower of Deokyang-ri, Cheongdo (청도 덕양동 삼층석탑)(문화재)
· Area : Cheongdo · date of final modification : 2015-12-23
삼층석탑.JPG 삼층석탑.JPG
이미지 섬네일 이전 이미지 섬네일 다음
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Address 1372, Deokyang-ri, Punggak-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

It was the tower laid down at the foot of the mountain near Deokyang village, and the village people moved and erected it at this place. The stereobate, propping up the total weight of the tower, is composed of one story, but it is estimated that the stereobate was originally composed of two stories. On the stereobate, the tower body was laid. Four sides of the stereobate and the stone of the tower body were carved only by imitating the shape of pillar at every corner, but there is no other decoration.

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