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Chunyangmok Songyi Maeul/village (춘양목송이마을)(체험)
· Area : Bonghwa · date of final modification : 2016-01-29
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컨텐츠 내용입니다.
Address 3, Golma-gil, Chunyang-myeon, Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Inquaries 054-674-1030
Pine forest experience, Exhibition hall, Traditional house lego experience, Woodcrafts
Parking lot 주차가능

This place is the northernmost area of Gyeongbuk, and is often called jokingly as Gangwondamdo due to the location. It is adjacent to Yeongwol, Gangwon-do of Taebaeksan, and is also a place where Nakdonggang river and Namhangang river are separated. It is famous for Chunyangmok and Songyi, and is a clean and cozy village with presence of Ungokcheon and Dunae Yaksuteo.

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