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Christmas Light at Cheongdo Provence()

Christmas Lights at Cheongdo Provence

The best theme park to visit this Christmas



Have you been wanting to visit a great place with lots of Christmas lights in South Korea? In Cheongdo, one can experience a theme park covered in Christmas lights. Come feel the Christmas spirit at Cheongdo Provence.

The best time to go to Cheongdo Provence is right before sunset. Once it gets dark, there is a countdown to turn on all the Christmas lights in the park.

When all the lights come on at the same time, Cheongdo Provence is transformed into a Christmas wonderland.

Families and couples walk around the park and take photos with the many colorful sculptures and art made from LED lights.

If you get hungry, there are many restaurants and food stalls to choose from. There is even a cafe.

For the more adventurous ones looking for some excitement, you can fly across the park on the zipline. There is also a place to go sledding.

At the Santa Village, you can see what Santa likes doing when he is not delivering toys on Christmas Eve.

Take photos with Santa while he is skiing, climbing a rope, or baking a cake.

You can even see Santa parachuting from the sky.
And don’t forget the reason for the season. There is also a nativity scene.


Admission fee: Adult tickets during the week are 8,000 won. On the weekend and holidays, adult tickets are 9,000 won. Tickets for children are 6,000 won.

How to get there:

Take a train or intercity bus to Cheongdo. Take bus #7 from the bus terminal. The bus terminal is across the street from the train station. If you take a taxi, the fare is about 12,000 won.

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