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Museom Village, the Island-like Village Floating on the Water()

Museom Village

the Island-like Village Floating on the Water



In Yeongju, a small tranquil village can be found where the Naeseongcheon Stream and the Yeongjucheon Stream come together. The streams form a loop around the village in the shape of a Taegeuk. In fact, the name Museom means the island-like village floating on the water.

This village was established in 1666 by the Park Su family as their first permanent settlement. Some time later, the son-in-law of Park Su’s grandson moved to this village. Many members of the Park and Kim families have lived at Museom Village since that time.

From this gazebo, one can relax and enjoy a nice view of the village.

During autumn, there are many persimmons hung from the hanoks, traditional houses, to be dried.

There are many traditional hanoks, perfect for walking around and taking photos.


The village is very beautiful, especially with the stream running along side it in a very curved like fashion.

There are some very narrow foot bridges used to cross the stream. The bridges are just wide enough for only one person at a time. However, there are some wider spots along the way in case someone comes from the opposite direction.

It is good to visit Museom Village year round. Although, the village looks really nice during spring and autumn. It makes for a great day trip and is a must see for photographers looking for a unique spot to take photos of South Korea.

How to get there: Take a train or intercity bus to Yeongju. Then take bus #20 to Museom Village. When going back to the station, check the second column of the bus schedule. Also, on weekends and holidays, you have to wait for the bus on the other side of Sudo Bridge.

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