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Cest si bon-coffee: The Definition of Homelike Café()

Cest si bon - Coffee

The Definition of Homelike Café


Korean summer is here and it’s here in full blast. The heat and humidity are very intimidating to go outside. With an injured foot and the scorching summer heat, I couldn’t travel far even though I wanted to. Thankfully, Gumi City, where I reside, has lots of interesting cafes to visit for us to escape this summer heat. One of them is Cest si bon-coffee.
Cest si bon-coffee is not your ordinary café. This humble café opened last July of 2017. Upon entering, I was taken aback by its interior design. “Homelike” was the first word that came to my mind.
One part of the café resembles a living room with some cozy sofas partnered with cute coffee tables and a tall lamp.
The other side has a bed! That’s right! A very comfortable-looking, rest-inviting bed. It was my first time to visit a café with a bed.
I was really overjoyed to see the bed. With my foot injury, it is a must for me to elevate my leg most of the time, and the bed was just so perfect for me. And come on! Who wouldn’t want to lie down on a bed and just take a good rest in this hot, hot summertime?
But of course, I had to try their coffee. The most important thing in any coffee shop is the taste and quality of their coffee. I opted for cube-latte while my husband ordered matcha-plait-white.
Both of our drinks were visually stunning. My cube-latte even had a bear on it! Haha. I mean, a bear-shaped ice cube. I didn’t know why but personally pouring the milk on it gave me a very satisfying feeling.
Look, my bear was swimming on milk! How cute was that!
I had a taste-test and I was impressed by it. The coffee tasted deep and rich. I also took a sip of the matcha-plait-white and it was also very delicious. It had richer taste than my cube-latte and the green tea flavor came out really nicely.
We also ordered a cheese cake and I must say that it also passed my taste-test.

As I looked around more in the café, I saw that there is a small boutique section where they sell some dresses, shoes and bags. I think the ladies would appreciate them much, as they were quite fashionable. I was really happy and satisfied with my café experience in Cest si bon-coffee. I even wrote this article right there and then. Haha!
I was really happy and satisfied with my café experience in Cest si bon-coffee. I even wrote this article right there and then. Haha!
Going to Cest si bon-coffee is like visiting a friend’s house. It’s a cozy place to hang out this summertime. It is the very definition of what a homelike café is. It’s enjoying the comfort of a home and the perks of a great café at the same time.

How to get there:

From Gumi Station, ride a bus (171, 171-1, 171-2, 171-3, 181, 182-1, 191, 22, 340, 340-1 ~ 340-7, 340-9, 360, 360-1, 360, 360-1, 360-2, 361, 380, 380-1, 380-2, 380-4, 186) and get off at Hyeonggok Geumho EoWoollim-Ap (형곡금호어울림앞) bus stop. It’s roughly less than 10 minutes by bus from Gumi Station. Walk until the apartment complex entrance and cross the street, the café is in front of the crosswalk.

Tourist Information:
Cest si bon-coffee (세시봉커피)
Address: 4, Sinsiro 20-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Working Hours: 11:00 – 23:00 (Closed on Mondays)
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