Cultural Heritage Interpreters

Regional culture commentator

About the cultural tourism commentator They are communicators who explain professionally the tourist attractions, such as history, culture, art, nature et al, of our region to the domestic and foreign tourists who visit our region, and at the same time they play the role of edutainers who give the tourists fun and inspiration.

Please call on the Gyeongbuk Cultural Tourism Commentator, the missionary of Gyeongbuk Tourism. At present, 334 cultural tourism commentators at 103 interpretation guide offices are in activity every day free of charge from January to December, any one of you can enjoy detailed explanation and kind introduction on cultural heritages and tourism attractions from the cultural tourism commentators either by visiting the site, or by advance reservation through telephone or internet.

Disposition of the cultural tourism commentators
* Disposition place and working conditions may differ depending on the tourism situation
Cities and counties Commentary Application
Pohang-si Intercity Bus Terminal Tourist Information Office, Pohang Station Tourist Information Office, Pohang Passenger Vessel Terminal, Pohang Airport Tourist Information Office, Bogyeongsa Temple, Oeosa Temple, Pohang-si, Pohang-si, Pohang Tollgate 054-270-2374 homepage
Gyeongju-si Anapji Pond, Cheomseongdae, Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto, Gwoereung Royal Tomb, Poseokjeong Pavilion, Gameunsa Temple Site, Bunhwangsa Temple, Yangdong Village, Oreung Royal Tomb, General Kim Yu-shin's Tomb, Royal Tomb of King Muyeol, Daereungwon Ancient Tombs, Oksanseowon Confucian Academy, Dong-ri Mogwol Literature Museum, Bonghwangdae Pavilion 054-779-6079 homepage
Gimcheon-si Jikjisa Temple 054-439-1330 homepage
Andong-si Hahoe Village, Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy, Bongjeongsa Temple, Yeonmisa Temple, Taesamyo, Contents Museum, Folk Museum, Dosanseowon Confucian Academy - homepage
Gumi-si Geumosan Mountain, Dorisa Temple 054-480-6612 -
Yeongju-si Buseoksa Temple, Buseoksa Temple Museum, Buseoksa Temple General Tourist Information Office, Sosuseowon Confucian Academy, Sosu Museum, Seonbichon Confucianist Village, Museum Village, Mal-son Jang Antiquities Hall 054-639-6606 homepage
Yeongcheon-si Bohyeonsan Mountain Astronomical Science Museum (Byeolbit Village), Imgoseowon Confucian Academy, Choimuseon Science Museum, Byeolbyeol Misulmaeul (Art Village) - homepage
Sangju-si Gyeongcheondae Terrace, Sangju Hyangcheong 054-537-7118 homepage
Mungyeong-si Mungyeongsaejae Pass Provincial Park, Mungyeongsaejae Tourist Information Office, Yetgil Museum, Coal Museum, Ceramic Museum, Tourist Information Office (Jinan) 054-550-6391 -
Gyeongsan-si Gatbawi Rock, Gyeongsan-si Municipal Museum 054-810-5363 homepage
Gunwi-gun Ingaksa Temple, Birthplace of Cardinal Stephen Kim Su-hwan, Gunwi Buddha Triad Grotto, Old Memory School, Hanbam Village 054-380-6230 -
Uiseong-gun Sachon Village Archives, Geumseongsan Mountain Ancient Tombs, Gounsa Temple, Sanun Ecological Park 054-830-6550 -
Cheongsong-gun Changyeongru, Unbonggwan, Cheongsong Bus Terminal Information Center 054-870-6240 homepage
Yeongyang-gun Dudeul Village, Jusil Village, Seonbawi Rock Tourist Attraction 054-680-6413 -
Yeongdeok-gun Samsa Marine Park, General Shin Dol-seok's Historic Site, New & Renewable Energy Exhibition Hall, Fishing Village Folk Museum 054-730-6533 -
Cheongdo-gun Stone Ice Storage, Manhwajeong Pavilion, Unmunsa Temple 054-370-6378 -
Goryeong-gun Daegaya Museum, Daegaya Royal Tomb Exhibit Hall, Ureuk Museum, Daegaya Historic Theme Tourist Attraction (inside), Gaesil Village, Daegaya Historic Theme Tourist Attraction (outside) 054-950-6060 -
Seongju-gun Hangae Folk Village, Placenta Chamber of King Sejong's Sons, Hoeyeonseowon Confucian Academy 054-930-8373 homepage
Chilgok-gun Dabudong War Memorial Museum 054-979-6093 -
Yecheon-gun Hoeryongpo (Jangansa Temple), Samgang Inn, Yongmunsa Temple, Geumdangsil Village 054-650-6902 homepage
Bonghwa-gun Cheongryangsan Mountain, Chukseosa Temple, Mansan Old House, Gyeseodang, Daksil Village (Chungjae Museum) 054-679-6343 -
Uljin-gun Bongpyeong Silla Steele Exhibit Hall, Baekam Hot Spring Area 054-789-6902 -
Ulleung-gun Bongnae Falls Area, Taeha Monorail 054-790-6393 -
Gyeongsangbuk-do   054-950-2401 -