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Royal Way with Prince Andrew who visited Andong()

Royal Way with Prince Andrew who visited Andong

Around 300 citizens greeted them, waving the Korean flag and the Union Jack.


To celebrate queen Elizabeth II's 20th anniversary for visiting South Korea, Prince Andrew, the second son of the queen of England, has visited Kyeongbuk Andong.
Retracing the queen Elizabeth II who visited Andong to see a place that has the strongest Korean atmosphere, Andrew also looked around Andong Hahoe Village first. 

Hahoe Village heated up with a lot of citizens from the morning. From the entrance of Hahoe Village, around 300 citizens greeted them, waving the Korean flag and the Union Jack.

Prince Andrew saw Sarang-Chae in Chunghyo-Dang, which is the head house of Yu Seong-ryong, the tree to commemorate the queen's visit in the garden, and the signpost of Royal Way.


As it turned out, exposing bare foot is regarded as taboo, but he took off his shoes and went inside the house according to the Korean tradition like his mother did. It directly showed his awe toward the Korean culture and tradition of the head house.

After that, he went to Damyeonjae, which preserves the look of Korean traditional house.
He seemed touched, watching the same Korean Set Table that had been served 20 years ago when the queen visited.
Continuing the mood, a beautiful performance of the Hope Kids choir consisting of children of Andong multicultural center started.
The choir sang four Korean and English children's songs, including "The Spring of Hometown". Prince Andrew expressed his gratitude by presenting T-shirts with Pitch@Palace Foundation's logo as a gift.

*Pitch@Palace Foundation: a non-profit organization founded by Prince Andrew in 2014 to support startups from all over the world


In front of the Korean Set Table with colorful traditional Korean dishes, Andrew read the queen's appreciation letter on behalf of her. "Please tell me every single thing after you see, feel, and experience everything in Andong," she said.

After the letter had been read, the mayor of Andong presented Andong hanji and Andong apple, and Prince Andrew reciprocated with a tea set. Prince Andrew was very pleased with the attention of many reporters and people.

Along with the luncheon in Hahoe Village that retains the traditional Korean atmosphere, he watched Hahoe Byeolsingut Tallori (mask dance) and a traditional wedding, and he also went to the agricultural wholesale market and planted a commemorative apple tree. 

After that, he stopped by Bongjeongsa, where the oldest wooden building in Korea exists, looked around Daewoongjeon Temple and Geungnakjeon Hall, and experienced stone tower building and bell ringing.
It seemed that Prince Andrew, listening to the meaning within stone tower building, was interested in a new culture. Moreover, Memory of the World, Confucian Printing Woodblocks are stored there, so the schedule in Andong ended with watching Jangpangak and the demonstration of woodblock printing of Toigye.

The series of places that Prince Andrew visited was named as Royal Way, and the event was an opportunity to continue the good relationship between the United Kingdom and South Korea.
*Royal Way: Andong City renamed "Queen's Road", the 32 kilometer road that connects Hahoe Village, the agricultural wholesale market, and Bongjeongsa, the places that the queen visited 20 years ago, as "Royal Way", implying that the imperial family of the United Kingdom walked on it one after the other.
Besides the mother and son of the imperial family of the United States, the former president of the United States George W. Bush, the former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and some other politicians have visited Andong Hahoe Village as well.
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