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Discovering 100 Years of Korean Pop Music()

Discovering 100 Years of Korean Pop Music

Korean Pop Music Museum in Gyeongju


Do you like music? Are you curious about Korea music? Gyeongju Kpop Museum is the best place for you to enjoy music and learn a lot about Korean music.
It is located at 9, Expo-ro, Gyeongju City in North Gyeongsang province. Except on Mondays, which the museum on closed, it is open on Tuesdays until Sundays from 10am until 7pm. However in July and August, the museum has longer operating hours as it closes at 8pm.

(Entrance lobby of Kpop Museum)

The museum has three floors and a basement that the visitors can explore around. On the first floor, there is the lobby and information desk. On the left is a beautiful coffee shop called Rhapsody in Blue Café. You can also purchase from museum souvenirs in the café.

Going up on the second floor, you will be amazed to step on the musical stairs. Each step gives off different musical notes. Who would have thought that climbing on stairs could this be fun?
The second floor houses the different music collections including albums, instruments and some of the artists’ belongings like costumes and accessories. They are all arranged by dates starting from the 1907s until the recent era. Have yourself get lost in an exhibition spanning 100 years of Korean Pop Music history.

Quiz yourself how many Korean pop artists are you familiar with. Do you know any of them?

Up on the third floor, a huge and various collections of speakers will welcome you. There are speakers of all sizes, from different brand makers.

A fun service that everyone can freely enjoy is the music request corner. Just write down any songs you like and it will be played with gigantic speakers of world’s standard level.
Found also on the third floor is the dancing corner. Do not be shy to unleash the dancer in you and let your body groove to the music, just like these kids.
Upon exiting the third floor, you have to take the stairs down the basement. On the walls of the stairways are the golden disk exhibition of internationally-acclaimed pop music artists such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Frank Sinatra, just to name a few.
The end of the stairway will lead you to the entrance of MUPL, which stands form Music Playing. It is like a music playground for children. Young visitors can play some musical instruments, perform on a mini stage and so much more.

The exit of MUPL will lead you to one flight of stairs back to the first floor, where you can either buy some souvenirs or enjoy a good cup of coffee at Rhapsody in Blue Café.
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How to Get There

From Gyeongju Bus Terminal, take bus 16 and get off at 힐튼호텔.KT수련원.하이코 (Hilton Hotel, KT Training Center, Hico) bus stop. Kpop Museum is right across the bus stop. Coming from Shin Gyeongju KTX Station, ride but 700 and get off at the same bus stop.
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