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Enjoying the Last of Autumn ()

Enjoying the Last of Autumn

Ginkgo Tree Forest at Goryeong’s Dasan Culture Park



At Dasan Culture Park (다산문화공원), a park located at the boundary of Daegu (대구) and Goryeong (고령), there is a ginkgo tree forest. This ginkgo tree forest was not created by man but grew through the natural dispersion of seeds. Only ginkgo trees grow in this forest. The forest consists a number big and tall ginkgo trees that create a golden grandeur when November arrives. Thus, this place is known as ‘ Ginkgo Tree Forest' (은행나무 숲)

I took a picture at the observatory located in a place which is famous for the Four-River Project and Bike Path. All the yellow trees over there are ginkgo trees and more along the river to the far left. The easiest way to get to the ginkgo tree forest is to search the Nakdong River 22 Gonggu Eunhaengnamu Camping Site (낙동강 22공구 은행나무 캠핑장)

Search is a camping site, but it's not actually an electric-powered, well-equipped auto campground. It's quite well known to those who prefer to go camping in a large vacant lot with ginkgo trees. However, think you can also enjoy the unique theme of camping in the ginkgo forest.

You can comfortably look around by takin the walkway made in the middle of the forest. Now you may feel sorry for the yellow-colored ginkgo leaves that had already fallen to the ground, but if you go deep, you can still enjoy some of them. The ginkgo forest, which grows densely that it creates the illusion that it is from another country. Though, I think it's already too late, but I can still see why people keep coming.

If you walk away from the path and move deeper into the forest, it's going to give you another view. It's a hot place in November where people come to take wedding photos because the pictures turn out so pretty. It feels a bit like a ginkgo forest in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, which opens once a year, but the naturally growing forest creates a deep mountain atmosphere.

I wish I went on a sunny day, but the day I visited, it started raining coldly.

I've been thinking about going back ~ for I was the only one who didn’t bring an umbrella. Everyone who came were carrying umbrellas as they walk in the ginkgo forest that scene looked very pretty. Though the sky is flowing endlessly, the leaves looked even more vibrant because of the water droplets.

I wasn’t sure if it was because I was feeling the last drop of fall before winter comes that the falling rain didn’t even bother me. I guess many people knows how to have fun. It seems like children, families and couples are really enjoying the moment even under the pouring rain.


A small hot became resting spot for a few visitors. I visited there on November 10th and ther were still a lot of leaves.

As I go deeper in the forest, I saw more and and more people taking wedding photos. It was a blessing in disguise for the poor management. The ginkgo tree landscape is spectacular, but I think it's the last color you'll see before winter comes. So, enjoy your trip as much as you can!

Photos by Gyeongbuk tour Reporter Lee, Sang-hyun
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