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A Day Trip to Gunwi’s Hanbeom Village()

A Day Trip to Gunwi’s Hanbeom Village

A Place Where Autumn Stays


Located just outside of Daegu, Gunwi is also makes a nice day-trip destination. In Gunwi, the is a place which is popular among photographers especially those who love taking photos using film cameras. Many dubbed this places as the mainland Jeju because of the nice looking and still stone wall path around it. This place is called Hanbeom Village. It is known for the golden cornelian cherry blossoms in spring and the vibrant tint of leaves in autumn. I made a quick visit to Hanbeom Village during the Fall Travel and if you are someone who love quiet and cozy places, I would like to recommend this place to you.

The stone wall path with all its curves and turns has a total length of 6.5km. It's surrounded by mountains, so the view is perfect for a relaxing out of town trip. The stonewall road was influenced by the Great Flood in 1930. It is said that after the flood so many rocks ended up in the village. To clear the rocks, the villagers decided to build stone fences around their houses.

One sunny autumn day, I walked around the village that was named ‘The most Beautiful Stone Wall Path in the Country’ by the Korea Tourism Organization. It's not just a place in the past, it's a place where people live, so you can even see a mirror on the stone wall. I felt secured when I saw the villagers do their daily routine.

The building next to the yellow ginkgo tree is a wooden building called Daecheong, a Tangible Cultural Property No.262 designated by the North Gyeongsang Province. It was built in the early days of Joseon Dynasty by Borim Hong family, and it has now become a resting place for residents. It is a tall square shaped pavilion. The pavilion and the a ginkgo tree next to it create a scenery that looks like a painting crafted by a renowned painter.

A furry friend I saw on my way to the village. It was so friendly that it keeps wagging its tail at the sight of countless tourists.

From here, I will show you the autumn scenery of the village. It's better to go and see with your own eyes, but I hope you can smile at the sight of the Gunwi’s beauty in autumn.

Under deep blue and clear autumn sky, a young yellow ginkgo tree showed off the beauty of autumn that I dreamed of. The people who came here in groups are also enjoying fall to the fullest.

Looking up at the warm sunshine, I looked at the shiny leaves of the ginkgo tree still hanging as well as the ones that had fallen and filled up the gaps between the stones.

If you come to Hanbeom Village, you will also see Namcheon Gotaek where KBS TV show “One Night Two Days” was filmed. It was originally an open space for tourists, but now it is closed unless you have a separate reservation. It is because it is actually a residential space and it made the residents uncomfortable when someone open the door to check if someone actually lives there. So they decided to close it from public. But this day, I was accompanied by a cultural commentator, so I was able to ask permission and look around the house.

It also appeared at TBC's Home Concert because among the 20 over 100-year old gotaeks in the village, it is the largest and oldest. It's also called a house of mourning, and I got the impression that it's a well-to-do old house.

The combination of a jangdokdae and a yellow ginkgo tree behind the tile roof was also beautiful. Especially, the trees in the garden seem to create a unique atmosphere.

Best Picture Found at Namcheon Home! This picture shows the sound of autumn coming from the stillness of the hanok (Korean traditional house) and the ripening Daebong persimmon. I immediately felt like sitting on that sofa and having a cup of tea. Beyond the window, tile and stone walls are like a painting too.

After leaving Namcheon's old house, I went for a walk along the stone wall and found a tall persimmon and a part of the wall covered with green moss. The reason why many people loved the Stone Wall Path in the village was because they found the beauty as it was on the path that they had not expected much.

These days, stone walls are well preserved and shiny. If you're looking for a tourist destination that's a haven for your mind, turn your way to Gunwi’s Hanbeom Village. The fall season here is staying pretty.

Photos by Gyeongbuk Tour Reporter Jang Ha Na
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