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How to Enjoy Cheomseongdae in Fall()

How to Enjoy Cheomseongdae in Fall

Pink Muhly, Sunflowers, Sunset and More...


Gyeongju is famous for being a historical museum without walls. One of the most popular tourists’ destinations is obviously the star gazing tower Cheomsongdae which dates back to the 7th Century in the Silla Kingdom.
Having lived in Gyeongju for nearly three years, one would think I would become bored of visiting the same tourists’ destinations within Gyeongju. However, I am always amazed by the beautiful flowers planted near Cheomseongdae each season. During spring, you can admire the pretty cherry blossoms and colourful yellow Canola flowers. In the summer, you can see hundreds of blooming pink and white lotus flowers. In the cold winter, many families, including my own family, like to fly kites in the open field.
Now that it is the fall season, we saw fields of bright sunflowers and pink muhly grass. The muhly grass resembles almost like a field of pink cotton candy. Currently in Korea, pink muhly is trending as the ‘must take once in a life time photo’. So if you are visiting in the weekend, expect there to be many tourists taking selfies in front of the muhly grass. If possible, I highly recommend visiting during the weekday around 4pm when the sun sets. There are cafes, convenient stores and even Hanbok rentals nearby. You can dress up like a Korean Silla Princess yourself and take gorgeous photos with the nature surrounding you.
One more tip! If you walk around Cheomseongdae, there is a place called Seokbingo. This is where the people used to store the ice for the summer season during the Joseon Dynasty. It was built 300 years ago. The ice was stored for the high officials and the King during the hot summer season.


From Express Bus Terminal: Take bus number 10, 11, 100, 600. Get off at Wolsong Jeomin Dong Centre (Wolsong District Office).

From KTX station:

By Bus - Take number 60, 61 (Get off at Silla Hoegwan)
Take bus number 700 (Get off at Wolseong Dong Jumin Center).
This is will take around 50 minutes to 1 hour.
By Taxi: It is around 13km and will take around 30 minutes to arrive.
By Taxi: It takes around 5 minutes and the price will costs around 3000won.

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