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Mr. Sunshine, A Korean Drama Filming Locations()

Mr. Sunshine, A Korean Drama

Filming Locations in Gyeongsangbuk-do


A Korean drama, Mister Sunshine, is really popular these days. It’s the third project which famous screen writer Kim Eun-suk and Director Lee Eung-bok, making it a one of the most anticipated dramas of the year. What made it even more popular is the fact that it is starring a few of Korea’s promising stars such as Lee Byeong-heon, Kim Tae-ri Yoo Yeon-suk, Kim Min-jung and Byeon Yo-han.
Mr. Sunshine is without doubt a well-made series that is loved not only by Koreans but also viewers from other countries. It’s luscious cinematography, excellent acting and original storyline are just a few things that appeal to the audience the most. Some described it as “the best creations of the 21st century” while others said, “It is a visual poem.”
Have you watch this Korean drama? Have you seen the beauty of the filming locations featuring the four season beauty of Korea? They said, one of the joys of watching a beautifully created TV series is being able to see the beautiful backgrounds. However, the most amazing thing that you as a happy viewer can do is to be able to visit its filming location. Do you know that there are a few places in Gyeongsangbuk-do that were featured in Mr. Sunshine? These places became really popular after people started heard about this places. These places are now usually packed in weekends.
Let me introduce a place in Gyeongsangbuk-do where Mr. Sunshine was filmed. There were originally five filming locations located in Gyeongsangbuk-do. Out of the five locations, I will introduce the one which can be considered a major filming location. This locations is the riverbank overlooking Andong’s Manhyujeong and Gosanjeong pavilions. It became one of the most eye-catching attractions because of the emotional lines between the main characters.

1 Let’s do it. Love. You & I.

Located in the southwest part of Andong, Manhyujeong Pavilion is a small pavilion located the road heading towards Cheongsong. It is two-section gazebo with a waterfall in front of it. Over the valley where the water flows, there is a log bridge that connects both banks. All these create a very scenic view that is worthy to be featured in a well-produced film and series.
Manhujeong Pavilion was built by a Joseon scholar names Kim Gye-haein in the late 15th century. He spent the rest of his life here after leaving his official post. After his death, his followers and family built a shrine in his memory. The shrine is located atop of a hill neat the entrance of the road leading to Manhyujeong.
Manhyujeong as seen from the other side of the log bridge. It is a simple pavilion.
Byeong-heon who is playing the role of Eugene Choi, an American soldier, appears in front od the house of Hwang Eun-san (played by Kim Gab-soo), a potter who hid for a long time in order to avoid being caught and turned into a slave.

After coming back from the U.S. as an adult, he came to find his identity as a Korean that he lost for a long time. It is also a place where he develop feelings with the female lead character, Go Ae-shin.
The scene where the male and female lead character shake hands after delivering the lines that says, “ Hapshida Love, Narang, Narang Katchi.” This scene is probably one of the most popular lines in the series, Mr. Sunshine. At that time, I was more impressed by the visual appearance of the male protagonist wearing western clothes which matched well with the surrounding landscape.
Truth is, this place was already known even before Mr. Sunshine because it was also featured on KBS drama, The Princess' Man. If you walk about 200 meters from the big road, there is a small waterfall and above it is a pavilion. When it rains heavily the24-meter high waterfall looks really beautiful.
The waterfall and Manhyujeong
Visitors should leave their car before this marker.
This is a view of Gosanjeong from Gaseong Village. It is one of the most important filming locations of Mr. Sunshine. In the past, it was one of the favorite places of Toegye Yi-hwang

02. “A Passionate and Righteous Name, A Nameles Soldier" Andong, Gosanjeong

 In the drama, Mr. Sunshine, Gosanjeong is one of the most important places. 
This is a relatively small river lined with rocky cliff on both sides. In the side of the cliff, there is a pavilion. The rock cliff is part of Cheongnyangsan Mountain, one of the most famous mountains in North Gyeongsang Province. The pavilion itself was not a filming set, but all the surrounding terrain around the pavilion was filmed. The small inn where the ship started was inhabited by a housewife, who was also a liaison for medical soldiers and a messenger to Hwang Eun-san.
After being known as a filming location of Mr. Sunshine, this place has became an attraction. Many people come here especially on weekends.
This is Gosanjeong. It is a pavilion with 3-kans in front and 2-kans at the back. It was built by Geum Nan-soo, a disciple of Toegye Yi-hwang. He built it to enjoy th scenery of the place and to live a simple life.
If you park your car on the side of the road and walk for a little bit, you’ll find the riverbank where Eugene Choi stood. The place is daid to be the set for the tavern scenes. Here you can find traces of the ferry going in and out, but more tourists visit the place on weekends. If you look closely at the ferry, it is as if you can hear the conversation between Eugene Choi and Go Ae-Shin. The current is pretty fast, so it's great to forget about the world and enjoy the view.

Travel Tip:

How to get there: 

This place can be found with the help of a navigation app. It is possible to get to Gosanjeong by crossing the bridge. The road is so narrow so only one car can pass at a time. From downtown Andong, it takes about 40 minutes to get to the village. Rfom Manhyujeongm it takes about an hour. If coming from downtown Andong, it is possible to drop by Gunja Village and Dosan Seowon. Though this area is part of Andong, it is a lot closer to Bonghwa. 
  The House of Nongam
The view in front of the House of Nong-am.

You can experience a hanok-stay at the House of Nong-am

Other places to go: Dosan Seowon and Gunja Village are already famous places in the area.  Other place that is popular is The House of Nongam which is located in Gasong Village where Gosanjeong is also located. The house of Nongam is open for hanokstay experieince. It is the oldest house in Korea. A total of 17 generations have lived in this house. It was named after Nongam Lee Hyeon-bo, a renowned scholar during the Joseon dynasty who built the house during his exile to Andong in 1504. The riverbank where Gosanjeong is visible is about a kilometer away from the House of Nongam. 
In summer, holiday goers enjoy rafting at the nearby river. 
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