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Weekend Escape: Goraebul Beach()

Weekend Escape: Goraebul Beach

A Peaceful White Sand Beach in Yeongdeok


Need a quick sea escape that is like being on a tropical island? Pack up a sun tent, towel and sunscreen and head to Yeongdeok’s Goraebul Beach (영덕 고래불해수욕장) for a day in the sun and sea.
Unlike some of the beaches on the east coast, Goraebul Beach is made of white sand instead of the usual black rock. A most pleasant location, there are usually people, but it did not seem crowded.
Your first stop should be the tourism building where you can find some great information about the beach and some of the services that are available as well as a small store. You can take jet ski rides, rent tubes and ask about the best places for shade.

You have several options for shade. There were some really fun tiki umbrellas (초가 우산) right near the water and some more common large tents further back on the beach. If you wanted to be completely in the shade, there was a very nice pine grove that was great for setting up a tent or hammock.
We decided to stay in the pine grove and set up a hammock to take a rest. The swimming area was divided into several sections and there were quite watchful lifeguards to make you feel safe.
The waves were big enough to be fun but small enough to be safe for all ages. The swimming area is make 5 feet at its deepest spot, but is just what you need to cool off.
After swimming, you can either eat some food that you brought, get some noodles from the store or order some chicken or pizza from several signs that are around the beach. There are several drinking stations so that you can be sure to stay hydrated.
When you are ready to leave, there are shower options so that you can wash and travel home in clean clothes.
If you want to stay in the area, there are several pensions within walking distance.
We stayed the entire day and it was so very restful and beautiful. Be sure to also enjoy the scenery traveling to and from the beach

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