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Have Fun and Unwind this Autumn()

Have Fun and Unwind this Autumn

Come and stay at Seongjubong Natural Recreation Forest!


Lee Sang Hee
Fall is the perfect season to travel.
If you don’t want to let this fall pass just like that, how about spending a night or two at Seongjubong Natural Recreation Forest?
My family also had a joyful “healing time” at Seongjubong Natural Recreation Forest with the green trees and refreshing valley.
Seongjubong Natural Recreation Forest is filled with various subsidiary and hands-on experience facilities. No wonder, it is included in the “must-go” places in Sangju.
First let’s take a look at Forest Accommodation #5 which my family had reserved and stayed in.
Since it has a neatly arranged interior and is equipped with basic amenities, we really enjoyed our stay and did not feel any discomfort.
The sound of the water flowing down the valley and passing right in front of the room was especially relaxing. It was truly therapeutic and relieving.
After unpacking our luggage, we took a walk around the recreational forest for a bit. Here’s a photo I took on our way back.
 In summer, many people come here to enjoy swimming.
Since the cleanliness of nature is well-preserved here, it is easy to find lizards and insects such as dragonflies here.

The squirrels which are about to hibernate are especially easy to find here.
Also to promote the local products of Sangju, a store where visitors can buy various local products was built at the recreation forest
 It is especially great to visit here in fall because you can try the well-known Sangju dried persimmons and soft persimmon smoothie which are hard to find in other cities.
Then you’ll find out why these treats are loved by those who have tried Sangju dried persimmons love them.
 We also took a walk around the herb park which is something not to be missed when visiting the recreational forest in autumn.
There are installations in the pond, and it attracts the attention of the kids.
We’ve also seen a lot of Siberian chrysanthemums which bloom in autumn.
After walking around the recreation forest, my family felt tired. So we decided to go and relaxed at the recreation forest’s herbal sauna.
From the open-air bath to the indoor sauna, there are various types of baths that anyone can enjoy.

 Last but not the least, something that no one should missed when traveling is the food!
 At Seongjubong Nature Recreational Forest, there’s also a camping site where a number of people can comfortably share and stay for a night.
 In addition, there is also a basketball court, a store and a hiking path for those who love exploring and spending time with nature.
The check-in time is at 3:00 PM and the checkout time is at 12:00 noon. The rental fee for each room varies depending on the type of room.
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