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Have a Look at Gumi’s Newest Camping Ground()

Have a Look at Gumi's Newest Camping Ground

Spend a weekend and make beautiful memories with the ones you love


Gyeongsangbuk-do Tour Reporter: Lalien Guillen Park
Camping is a favorite outdoor activity now that autumn is finally here. The city of Gumi (구미) in North Gyeongsang province has recently opened a new camping ground which was greatly causing a buzz around.
I took a quick stroll around this newest camping area on its first weekend of opening.  I was excited to check it out because I have never tried camping before and I wanted to see how camping looks.  There were a LOT of people.  I felt ashamed not to know that there were so many people who are into camping.  It made want to experience camping too!
The entire camping ground was divided into 11 zones named alphabetically from A to K. I learned later on that A, B, C zones are for auto-camping while D, E, F zones are for general camping where you set up your tents on the ground.  G zone is for low wooden bench camping and K zone is for caravan camping.
The children were playing here and there while the parents were either busy setting up the tent or busy with preparing food.
Most of the campers were grilling meat and the smell of it made my mouth water and my stomach ache with desire to eat grilled meat.  At that moment, I almost called my husband to suggest having grilled meat for dinner, haha.
Along the way, I noticed a lot of color-coded containers. Upon closer look, I discovered that they were restrooms, shower rooms, and sink areas for washing dishes.
I thought that they were really pretty convenient.  Then after a while, I saw that there was also an electricity box, which was really nice especially for charging gadgets or turning on portable lamps.
Near the end of the camping ground was a stage area and some exercising facilities.
As I reached the end part of the camping areas, I saw the camping caravans.  There were two kinds, one was the regular camping van and the other one had a barrel-themed design.  Each caravan had a picnic table with patio umbrella perched in front of them.  How cool was that?
As I traced my way back, I realized that the essence of camping was not about how small or big your tent was, nor how delicious your food was.  While walking around the camping ground, I saw many parents playing with their children. I heard laughter, I heard joy.  The essence of camping was to bond with your loved ones and together, make a wonderful memory to cherish for a lifetime.  It was a nice realization to end the day.
Tourist Information
Address: 614-1 Yangho-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact Number: (054) 480-2180
They offer four camping ground options to choose from:

1. Low Wooden Bench Camping Ground (G Zone)
 Size: 3m x 3m
Fee: ₩10,000 on low season and ₩15,000 on peak season*

2. Regular Camping Ground (D, E, F Zones)
Size: 4m x 5m
Fee: ₩15,000 on low season and ₩20,000 on peak season*

3. Auto-camping Ground (A, B, C Zones)
Size: 9m x 9m
Fee: ₩20,000 on low season and ₩30,000 on peak season*

4. Caravan Camping Ground (K Zone)
Size: 8m x 12m
Fee: ₩80,000 on low season (Sundays – Thursdays) / ₩100,000 (Fridays – Saturdays); ₩160,000 on peak season*
*Peak Season: July 1st to August 30th
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