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Yeongdeok Goraebul Beach Musical Fountain ()

Yeongdeok Goraebul Beach Musical Fountain

A colorful attraction in Yeongdeok!


Gyeongsangbuk-do Tour Reporter: Seoug-gyu Ahn
When you say Yeongdeok Goraebul Beach (고래불해수욕장), it’s the longest white sandy beach on the East Coast, not just 10-li but it is a 20-li long beach instead.  It seems like everyone is busy renovating the sandy beach now that its opening is just around the corner.
There is a fountain at the entrance to the Garaebul Beach, and when it turned off you can even pass by it without noticing it. I also just learned about the musical fountain recently.  Behind the western sky is the setting sun.
At the beach entrance, there is a whale-shaped sculpture, the sculpture depicts a spouting whale in which the name “Goraebbul” came from, thus, the beach is now called Goraebul Beach.
If you go near it, it looks really magnificent, if you keep looking at it, you might end up having a headache.
Do you know what is that boat-looking building over there? That’s a bathroom used by many.  It was made special so it really looks unique.
Behind the spouting whale, the sunset is constantly changing.
In front of the fountain, the lyrics of the song “Byeonggok” is written on the rock and there’s even a musical score at the back.
I think, I should take a good look at the music fountain schedule first. Check the time schedule to avoid disappointment.
Once the sun goes down slowly and the darkness falls, you'll need to take pictures of the night scenery with a fraction of the time.  It's a picture using an auto white balance, try to compare it with the picture below.
How is it?  This picture shows a white balance with a value of less than 5,000 K, but the blue color seems to look better for the night view, right?
This time let’s try a bit farther. Thinking of the music fountain for a moment.
I think it's really nice to see the chemistry of the fountain and the whale sculpture.
Time passes and darkness falls, but the fountain didn't move. So I asked the person, I was glad I did. If I just leaved, it could have been my great regret.
The music fountain starts with a perfect start.
I couldn't help but expose myself to the colors of the light reflecting various lights. Of course, since it is accompanied by the music it surely is the best time.
It's really hard to portray the scenes of a sequence of musical fountains in a halting motion. But I diligently press the shutter to capture that perfect moment.
Wouldn't it be too much to say that the harmony between the vigorous spouts and the fantastic colors is a shame to see alone.
I really would like to show you every moment of this fountain show that can take away the scorching heat of this hot season all at once.
If you want to take a photo of the fountain while watching it, you might need a tripod and a remote controller. Also, I think you take photos in a slow shutter, it can take some really cool pictures.
It really enjoyed the musical fountain and taking pictures of it at the same time. The blowing breeze was so cool too.
This picture was taken with a shutter speed of 1/3 seconds, the spout came out good, right? You can also change your shutter speed from time to time.
Enjoy every moment because I think the joy is doubled when you look at the photos of the moments that you have captured on photos everytime you see it. Truth is, as I tried to capture every moment, and the number of photos I have now is not a joke.
And again. Is it possible not to think that it’s too bad to just stare at one of those moments alone without capturing it?
I think we can enjoy the benefit of living in a digital age.
It is good enough to be sold, don’t you think? Shall we call this a masterpiece?
Now, a gorgeous fountain show runs toward the end. I can't help feeling like 24 minutes is too short.
Finally, the musica fountain show is over, and the time lapse is over. Only lighting lighting the night reveals its surroundings.
Instead, I will take a brief look at the short period of time, instead of taking a night view.
The whale which is trying to soar to the sky seems tell me that it’s time to rest.
Until late at night, the lighting next to the fountain is bright and seems to dream of tomorrow.
Why don't you try to leave this hot summer in the beautiful waters of the ocean? In particular, the golden sands of gold in Goraebull beach are heavy in size, so the heart can not be attached to the heart.  Wouldn't it be the hottest heat escape in this hot summer if you enjoy swimming and enjoy a fountain show?
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