Head House of Tapdong Branch of Goseong Yi Clan (법흥동 고성이씨탑동파종택)(한옥스테이)
· Area : Andong · date of final modification : 2016-02-12
법흥동 고성이씨탑동파종택1.jpg 법흥동 고성이씨탑동파종택1.jpg
법흥동 고성이씨탑동파종택3.jpg 법흥동 고성이씨탑동파종택3.jpg
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Address 103, Imcheonggak-gil, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Cooking 14:00~
Parking lot 5대
  • Hanok stay

Husik Yi (1653~1714), the 11th generation ancestor of the current owner, was promoted to a vice secretary during the reign of King Sukjong of the Joseon Dynasty. He built Anchae (living quarters for women) first and continued to build Sarangchae(reception room, men’s quarters), yet failed to finish its construction. His grandson Wonmi (1690~1765) completed the construction and also built Daecheong (Yeongmodang).

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