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Museum of Old Roads (옛길박물관)(문화시설)
· Area : Mungyeong · date of final modification : 2016-01-06
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이미지 섬네일 이전 이미지 섬네일 다음
컨텐츠 내용입니다.
Address 944, Saejae-ro, Mungyeong-eup, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Inquaries 054-550-8366~8
Business hours Summer(Mar.~Oct.) 09:00~18:00Winter(Nov.~Feb.) 09:00~17:00
Holidays National holidays closed

Since 1997, the Museum of Old Roads served as the showcase of history of the old roads and culture of the hills. Mungyeong is the treasury of Korean geography and culture, and its artifacts on the roads are something that people still use today. In this regard, the old Mungyeongsaejae Museum was remodeled as the Museum of Old Roads, and opened in 2009, to show the visitors of the historical and cultural identity of the region.

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