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Ganggu Port (강구항)(바다)
· Area : Yeongdeok · date of final modification : 2016-01-28
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이미지 섬네일 이전 이미지 섬네일 다음
컨텐츠 내용입니다.
Address Ganggu-ri, Ganggu-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Inquaries 054-730-6533
Business hours 연중무휴
Time Open year-round
Holidays Open year-round
Facilities Disabled parking space, Disabled toilet
Parking lot 주차가능
key word #Snowcrab  #daege 

Ganggu Port is the largest port in Yeongdeok County and is famous for snow crabs. During the peak snow crab fishing season from November to April/May, numerous snow crab fishing boats are gathered in the port. A snow crab market is operated in the port and a number of snow crab restaurants are lined in the port spanning 3km, and thus the area is called "Daegae (snow crab) Street." Osipcheon Stream, which is well known as a place for sweetfish-fishing, empties into the sea through the southern part of Gangguhang Port.

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