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Honjasu Embroidery Gallery(혼자수미술관)(문화시설)
· Area : Gyeongju · date of final modification : 2016-01-28
혼자수미술관.JPG 혼자수미술관.JPG
혼자수미술관2.JPG 혼자수미술관2.JPG
혼자수미술관3.JPG 혼자수미술관3.JPG
혼자수미술관4.JPG 혼자수미술관4.JPG
혼자수미술관5.JPG 혼자수미술관5.JPG
경주 혼자수미술관 (2).JPG 경주 혼자수미술관 (2).JPG
경주 혼자수미술관 (5).JPG 경주 혼자수미술관 (5).JPG
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Address 23, Jungang-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Business hours 10:00~20:00 (※ 30분 전까지 입장 가능)
Time Open year-round
Holidays Monday
Parking lot 소형 약15대

Honjasu Embroidery Gallery is located at Bonghwangdae Pavilion Plaza. Embroidery, or the jasu in Korean, is a kind of art that utilizes silk, and the 'honjasu' aims to create special piece of embroidery that recreates hyper-realistic image and solidity of the original object with the wholehearted skill of the artesan. Honjasu Embroidery Gallery is the place where you can experience the artistic and proud soul of Korea.

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